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Church of St George Arrenagogeioy

Kos (Town)

 The temple is located near the limits of the walled Hospitallier city, close to Ancient Agora of Kos and it is dated since the late Byzantine period. The altar table in the bema consists of an inscribed marble plaque and a rectangular marble altar. Next to the church is the tomb of Archbishop Gerasimos of Kos (1838) and his mother Anthoula.
According to the Metropolis of Kos in the late 18th century St. George was a dependency (metochion) of the church of Agia Marina and stood in a fenced vineyard with farm-building. Later, when Arrenagogeion (
Elementary School for Boys) was established, the church was included in the school yard and took the prosonym Saint George toy Arrenagogeioy.
After the earthquake of 1933, while the Boys' school was destroyed, the church of St. George was one of the few buildings that survived.





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