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Mount Dikaios

Mount Dikaios, also known since antiquity as Oromedon, Orion or Dikaion, is the highest mountain of Kos with an altitude of 846 meters above sea level. The origin of its name remains a mystery. Its range is mainly composed of limestone, marble, plutonites and volcanites. Right on the connecting point of the volcanites with limestone and marble various, metal stores are formed with oxidized multicolor metals being fairly common.

The mountain range is quite asymmetrical in terms of its distribution of altitudes. In the south, within a 2 kilometer radius the mountain is heavily inclined towards the sea. On the other hand, to the north the distance between the range and the shore varies between 6-7 kilometers. The very shape of the island is determined by the axis of its fissures and creases, while all torrents of the island are vertically oriented towards it. The ruins of a medieval settlement some water tanks clay fragments and some carved stones betray an ever-present human intrusion. The views from the chapel of our lord Christ at the range's peak as well as from other overlooks found within the mountains are quite breathtaking.


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