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Lozia Mosque

Kos (Town)

​The Gazi Hasan Pasa Mosque, better known as the Lozia Mosque or the Plane  Tree Mosque is located on the Lozia Square, near the tree of Hippocrates. On the water spout near the tree, an inscription in arabic informs the visitor that the water spout and the mosque were built by Gazi Hasa Pasha, the Capudan Pasha (Admiral) of the islands in 1786.

A tradition saved by Zarraftis claims that the mosque was previously a Christian temple dedicated to Saint George. With the mosqu being just a few meters away from the basilica, it is possible that the early Christian monument which was built in its place was dedicated to this saint.

Marbles and stones used in the construction originated from ancient buildings; mostly from the ruins of the Christian Basilika on the port and from the Baptistery of Saint John, also called "Seven Steps".



Square of the Platane


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