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Tree of Hippocrates

Kos (Town)
Opposite the fortress of Neratzia, next to the ancient Αgora of Kos, one of the most ancient trees of Kos lays its roots: the plane tree of Hippocrates, a historical site visited by thousands every year.

According to tradition the plane tree was planted by Hippocrates 24 centuries ago. Under its shadow the great teacher instructed his students. The tree's perimeter reaches 12 meters and its hollow trunk is reminiscent of a cave. The surrounding area is a stone paved square leading to the castle's bridge. Two springs from the Ottoman times lie near the tree bearing an Arabic inscription that informs the passer by that their water is the water of Hippocrates.

The tree belongs to the species platanus orientalis L .and its age is thought to surpass 2.300 years. The diameter of the trunk is 4.7 meters wide at its base, and its perimeter stretches to 12 meters. The passage of time has left the trunk and some old branches rotten, under the influence of various fungi and wood eating moths leading to the presence of the said large hollow.



Square of the Platane


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