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Linopoti Lake


​The lake of Pyli, or "Neromana" (sic mother of water) is a small artificial fresh water lake created by a periferal damm in an area with karstic springs. In the olden days, this lake irrigated the whole plain of Pyli.

The lake is located 1,5 kilometers northeast of the city of Kos. Its surface covers an area of approximately 2000 - 3000 square meters. The lake was created under orders of the Italian occupation forces in order to help fight against the water shortages that plaiged the area. Before that, according to historical testimony, the area was a vast medow, frequently turning into a marsh and very difficult to cross with the means available in those times.

Today the lake is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The visitor may see animals such as water turtles, ducks, eals and mosquitofish. The lake is surrounded by fresh-water canes, aspen trees and oleander. Many visitors stop by the lake to take pictures and feed some of the animals.





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