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The Tomb of Harmylos

The ancient tomb of King Harmylos, ruler of the island, is one of the most curious and interesting archeological monuments of Kos. Located in the neighborhood Harmyli of the village Pyli , aptly named after the monument, the site is located 300 hundred meters away from the main square. It consists of a semicircular building containing 12 crypts ordered in parallel lines of 6, built within the walls. The tomb is dated approximately to the 3rd century B.C. It served as an heroon (temple dedicated to a hero) in its time. In olden times the façade of the building was covered by an ionic gallery chiseled in white marble. The said marble tiles along with the inscription which confesses to the date of the monument were removed from their original places and can now be found mounted onto the walls of the church of Stavros, above the tomb itself.





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