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A sandy beach, cut off from the other beaches of Kefalos ,situated in the north side of the village. It  is ideal for wind surfing and kite surfing on the high waves created  by strong wind blowing ever-furious in the area. For those who do not engage in Kite Boarding but want to learn, one will find there one of the many schools of Kos’ Kite boarding, t Kohilari Kite Center.

The small beach Kochylari is located just outside the village of Kefalos, approximately 5 km away from it. To get there, turn right on the junction, just before the path to Kefalos.




Beach Type



  • Easy Access
  • Organised
  • Shower Facilities
  • Blue Flag
  • Ideal for Windsurfing
  • Ideal for Kateboarding
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