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Mastihari beach gives the impression that you are in some exotic place. In some places it is organized, but those who are satisfied without a lounger, may well lie with the towel on the sand, tucked away along the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Besides the organized water sports, the beach  is ideal for wind-and kite surfing. Those who want to have fun with their children can visit the nearby amusement park water games "Lido".

The beach Mastihari located near the settlement of Antimachia, 22 km west of Kos, a continuation of Marmari beach.

If you do not have your own vehicle, you can get there by taxi or bus from the town of Kos or through Antimachia and Mastihari




Beach Type



  • Easy Access
  • Organised
  • Shower Facilities
  • WC Facilities
  • Ideal for Windsurfing
  • Ideal for Kateboarding
Travel Notebook
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