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Super Jet Boating

Kos (Town)

poseidon 1 is a big powerful jet-boat with 2 turbo charged engines giving over 700 hp and 2 large jet units producing all the fun for you ! ! ! ! !
what this boat does is really amazing it does 180 degrees spin and deeps which they can upgraded till 270 degrees if you like it,power break stops,fishtales wave jumps and the best part is that you will have some very special holiday memories that you will want to share with all your friends ! ! ! !


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Kos Akti Miaouli next to the bus terminal


For more information go to website .


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Travel Notebook
Using the symbol Add points of interest , you can keep in the notebook points of interest and places you like to visit when you come to our island. You can have in your cell phone the list of points via application we have created.