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  • Near by destinations
  • Near by destinations
  • Near by destinations
  • Near by destinations
  • Near by destinations
  • Near by destinations
  • Near by destinations
If you belong to those who like to not just stay in one place on their vacations, Kos can be the center of your holiday from which without much hassle, you can easily escape to another island. Within 2-3 hours, it is very easy for someone to move from Kos to one of the many neighboring islands of Dodecanese, the nearby Cyclades islands or in towns and villages on the coast of Turkey.

Either with your own or rented boat, or by local ferries and speedboats, either with larger ships of the line, almost daily you can organize a short getaway. You can also use the same ships to arrive from elsewhere in the Aegean to Kos.

The following destinations can be reached within a couple of hours:

  • The small and picturesque isle of Nisyros, inhabited by 1000 people in the south of Kos, offers options for entertainment, good food and relaxation.
  • ​To the north of Kos Island lies Kalymnos. The profession of the sponger intertwined itself with the identity and character of the islanders of Kalymnos to this day, granting the island its nickname the isle of the spongers.
  • ​Leros is the island of goddess Artemis, north of Kos beside Kalymnos. Leros populated by 8.000 people, mostly left to its own devices Leros is a virgin island of natural beauty and total harmony.
  • Worldwide known as a sacred island for it is the place where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation, Patmos is an ideal destination for nature lovers thanks to its lace-like coastline, sheer cliffs and volcanic soil.
  • Bodrum on the shores of Turkey (ancient Alikarnasos) has a population of 35.000, who saw their little fish village being transformed to a resort of international caliber.
  • Pserimos extends over a surface of 15 km2, counts approximately 150 inhabitants, and is ideal for truly peaceful holidays.
  • ​Plati is a tiny island seperated from Pserimos by 500m of water shoaling to a depth of 5m.
  • Α medieval treasure beautifully preserved throughout the centuries. Wander around its magnificent Old City, surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates, and admire the Palace of the Grand Master, the most awe- inspiring building in the whole island.
  • While approaching the port of Symi, one has the overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village.
  • An island with rough, mountainous and verdant volumes, hills and plains where four hundred species of flowers and herbs germinate, inhabited by numerous species of rare birds. It has picturesque villages and charming beaches.
Travel Notebook
Using the symbol Add points of interest , you can keep in the notebook points of interest and places you like to visit when you come to our island. You can have in your cell phone the list of points via application we have created.