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Kos is inhabited since prehistoric times. The city of Kos, Kefalos, Kardamena, Antimachia, Pyli are inhabited since antiquity. In recent years the seasonal settlements Tigaki, Marmari, Mastichari have been developed on the north side of the island and exceptional natural or local features we meet in the areas of Zia, Asfendiou and Zipari located in the middle of the island, towards Mount Dikaios. From one end of the island, the city of Kos, to the other end, Kefalos the distance does not exceed 40 kilometers, or about 45 minutes with a car.​
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  • Antimachia, a traditional village built on a small plateau near the center of the island.
  • Kardamena is a beautiful coastal village about 30km from the city of Kos and just 6 km from the airport.
  • Kefalos is a beautiful, picturesque village on the southwestern tip of the island.
  • The capital of the island is the beautiful city of Kos, built on the island’s southeastern side.
  • Marmari is a tourist village on the north coast of the island.
  • The small tourist village of Mastichari is Antimachia’s seaport.
  • yli is located 15 kilometers to the southwest of the town of Kos.
  • Tigaki is a small holiday resort on the north coast of the island.
  • Zia
    The picturesque village of Zia is the highest inhabited point of the island.
  • Zipari is located in a plain, north of Asfendiou and is crossed by the provincial road from Kos to Kefalos.
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