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Conference Tourism

  • Συνεδριακός Τουρισμός
  • Συνεδριακός Τουρισμός
Kos, thanks to the origin of the "Father of Medicine" Hippocrates and the related archaeological monuments (Asclepion) is a common point of visit for hundreds of thousands doctors from around the world who want to " pay homage " to the place where the great Hippocrates lived and taught medicine and take an oath once more, this time by the ancient oath of Hippocrates. This led to the construction and operation of several conference tourism centers, the biggest one of which provide full conference infrastructure by 3,000 delegates.

Infrastructure Conference Centre in conjunction with the international airport and the number of hotel units as well as the broader and rich history, natural and multicultural environment for the entertainment of tourist delegates during their stay, are comparative advantages of the island that attract the conduct of dozens of conferences annually.

The development of conference tourism, which also extends to other branches of science and business, was actively supported through the activities of the International Hippocratic Foundation headquartered in privately owned buildings near Asclepion and annually organizes international meetings and workshops for the medical world.
Travel Notebook
Using the symbol Add points of interest , you can keep in the notebook points of interest and places you like to visit when you come to our island. You can have in your cell phone the list of points via application we have created.