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  • Lazarakia (Lazarus from Kos)


    1 kilo of self-rising flour
    Juice of 2 oranges
    300 gr. tahini
    1 cup of olive oil
    some sugar
    some salt
    1 tsp. soda ( dissolved in juice )


    500 gr. sesame seeds ( roasted and ground )
    500 gr. minced raisins
    500 gr. ground walnuts
    Almonds (or whatever nut we want )
    5 tablespoons jam or sweet *

    Making the filling

    1. Soak the r​aisins in brandy or water for about an hour to rise. Tighten them to drain them and grind in a food processor.
    2. Roast sesame seeds lightly in a pan without oil or a baking tray in the oven. When it doesn’t stick to the spoon it is ready. Allow to cool and grind.
    3. Partly grind the nuts.
    4. Mix the above ingredients with as much as jam is necessary, until we have a mixture nicely made( about 5 tbsp. of Jam)

    Making the dough

    1. Dissolve Tahini in a little warm water.
    2. In a bowl add the flour, tahini, olive oil , sugar , salt .
    3. Dissolve the soda in the orange juice and add to the mixture.
    4. Knead into soft dough.
    5. Allow the dough to rest, covered, for about 15 minutes./li>

    Make leaves about the size of our palm in an oval shape. Put about a tablespoon of filling from side to side (the one that’s longest). We close the longest side and remove what’s left from top and bottom. We turn it over so the side we closed is at the bottom.

    Shape some small strings. Two long and one short. Take the short string and place on the top around the head, like a turban.

    Take the next string and place it in the middle beginning from the bottom and going to the top, folding in cross over and sticking it to the bottom edge. In the gap between the two strings we place two whole cloves for eyes.

    In the end we take the largest string and wrap it around like a shroud.

    Garnish the edges with a fork.

    Before we add them to the oven we brush them with some honey dissolved in warm water. Bake them in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about half an hour until nicely browned.

    Alternatively we can use instead of nuts, whatever we like. And spoon sweet instead of marmalade.

    Instead of self-rising flour we can use flour for all purposes, adding one dose of baking powder or using yeast. This recipe makes 16 Pieces.

    * You can use for the filling whatever we want. In older years they added avramythia and almonds too.

Travel Notebook
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