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  • Pligouri (Bulgur) with Pork

    2 kilo of pork with bone and fat
    1 kilo of Bulgur
    ½ cup butter
    3 tsp. glina (pork fat)

    Boil the pork with salt and water skimming constantly. Remove the pork and finely strain the broth to clean it.

    In a pot we add the broth and the bulgur until the broth is two fingers above the bulgur. Cover and cook over low heat until the liquid is absorbed by the bulgur. Melt butter or glina and pour over the bulgur.

    We mix it and it’s ready.

    At this point we can add the pork.

    If we like chickpeas can have some ready for cooking from the previous day. We let them boil along with the pork and add them to the bulgur just before we add the butter butter.

    Alternatively, instead of boiled pork we can add roasted pork along with the bulgur. For the roasted pork with want some fat with it and we want to cut it into small pieces and add a little butter and a little cumin.

Travel Notebook
Using the symbol Add points of interest , you can keep in the notebook points of interest and places you like to visit when you come to our island. You can have in your cell phone the list of points via application we have created.