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  • Makarounes(pasta) from Kefalos with Kavourdisto (roasted pork)

    3 tablespoons of glina(pork fat)
    Half a kilo of pork with fat
    1 package of Penne pasta
    250 g. Mizithra(Cheese from Kos) dry grated

    Glina: Divide the fat from the meat. In a saucepan we add the fat to boil along with some water. After we let it cool, we will see a thick white crust over the top. This is called glina. We gather it with a spoon. Glina is kept refrigerated in a closed container (or vessel) for over a year.

    Pork: We finely chop the pork and we let it boil with a glass of water, skimming it. When the pork is nicely cooked, we take it off the heat.

    Makarounes: Boil the penne pasta as always and strain it. In a large skillet, melt the glina and saute the pork, until it is well cooked, add a few pieces of the boiled fat and pour over penne.

    In glina or butter we add the drained penne with a little Mizithra and mix well. Serve with a little more Mizithra.

    In case we do not have glina to use, we use butter, without achieving the same taste.

Travel Notebook
Using the symbol Add points of interest , you can keep in the notebook points of interest and places you like to visit when you come to our island. You can have in your cell phone the list of points via application we have created.